Hello, you gorgeous creative thing! I'm so glad you found me.

My name is Ros Gervay and I help women just like you to become the artist you are meant to be. 

Art has the potential to transform and empower - I've seen it happen with my own eyes! I’ve felt it myself. The beautiful unfurling, the feeling of coming home, the deep sense of knowing.

I'm in awe of its capacity to bring us joy, healing and growth and I want you to experience the magic too. I'm excited to share my passion for art and help you create something truly transformative - in art and life!


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Hi, I’m Ros - artist and art biz coach - and I’m living a life that’s authentically me. Although it hasn’t always been that way…

When I was a young and creative teenager, pursuing a career as an artist wasn't considered a safe choice. As I became a mother, my deep love for art drew me back in. With the unwavering support and encouragement from my artist community and countless hours spent in the home studio, I finally found the confidence to embrace painting as my full-time career. 

When I welcomed creativity into my life as an adult, my own world transformed, giving me newfound confidence, self-worth, and a sense of purpose. And I know art can do the same for you too.


Level up and reach your potential as an artist. 

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Paint Rest Repeat - The Podcast 

with Ros & Laura

Indulge in your regular dose of guidance, carefully crafted by artists, for artists. 

It's time to level up your creative journey and unlock the secrets to success in the art world. Tune in to the Paint Rest Repeat Podcast and let our episodes become your trusted companion on this thrilling artistic adventure.

Paint With Me

Treat yourself to an artistic escape - one you can take without leaving the comfort of your home!

Neutral Landscape Class

In this 2-hour relaxed and enjoyable live online workshop, you will know exactly how to use subtle, earthy colours to create a neutral landscape painting that conveys the beauty and calm of the countryside. Enjoy the process and feel more artistic confidence today.

Modern Floral Class

Deep dive into abstract florals with this 3-part self-paced course and learn all about acrylic painting basics.

Perfect for beginners or if you simply need a refresher and some time to unwind from everyday life!


Textured Flowers Class

Jump into the luscious texture of impasto and capture the beauty of nature's most stunning creations - flowers!

In this 3-part online course, you will gain confidence with colour mixing, composition, impasto and more.


Original Art 

Explore my latest pieces inspired by the raw beauty of nature and my mission to bring more joy into everyday lives.


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