Abstract Beach

$37 AUD

Discover the beautiful serenity of the ocean whilst you translate a photograph onto canvas, gain colour confidence and create a peaceful abstract beach landscape using acrylics.


"I really enjoyed Ros' abstract beach painting workshop. She took us through step by step, but also encouraged us to make it our own if we wanted to experiment with different colours or lines. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to develop painting skills or just wanting a couple of hours to relax & create. The best thing about Ros' workshops are that they inspire you to keep painting, try different techniques & colour schemes and explore your creativity. She provides a very safe and encouraging space for all."

- Felicity Miller (Founding Member of Art For The Heart)


Have you got a burning desire to paint?


Do you feel afraid to dip your toes back into art? You haven't painted since art class in high school and want a little guidance in this early stage?

Do you fantasize about getting that beautiful artistic flow back so you can paint from the heart and create artworks that you love?

Or do you have all the confidence and the know-how but simply struggle to carve out the time to make art?

You're in the right place.

"Abstract Beach Class" was made for YOU.

When you commit to this class today, you prioritise art-making, you prioritise yourself.

Because if you are anything like my usual student, you NEED to create.

Step into the calm of the ocean and discover the hidden benefits of painting.

Allow art into your life again (or for the very first time).

One life. No regrets.

What's inside "Abstract Beach" Class?

  • How to Go From Photo To Canvas in an Abstract Style Without the Overwhelm or Starting Block Paralysis
  • When to Integrate a Complementary Colour into Your Artwork So That It Pops and Makes a Statement
  • The Importance of Value In Any Artwork And How To Factor This In When Planning Your Painting
  • How to plan, start and finish your acrylic artwork from start to finish with both joy and confidence
  • The Art Exercise That Will Enhance Your Confidence with Colour, Proportion and Mark Making
  • Why Finishing An Artwork Is So Personal And What To Consider Before Calling A Painting Complete
I'm ready to paint!

"The Abstract Beach Class was fabulous! I love how Ros introduces core art fundamentals at the beginning of each class so we are learning and then practicing what we have learnt. She puts the class together in a logical, fun way that is easy to follow. In this class I learned about colour schemes, using colour to create perspective and using contrast for impact. It's great that Ros is so approachable so you can contact her with questions after the class. These classes have become my special time to myself and have started making me feel I am back in my element again after a long time away from art."

- Vanessa Booth (Founding Member of Art For The Heart)


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