How To Create Beautiful Watercolour Artworks That Skyrocket Your Wellbeing


Let me help you welcome creativity and art-making into your life... whether you've had a break from painting... or you've never painted before!


In this Workshop, you'll uncover:


The Major Mindset Shift

that you need as a creative soul in order to accept and embrace your need to create and enjoy your journey while growing your skills and confidence exponentially


The Most Simple and Powerful Painting Exercise To Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

and that inner artist jumping for joy! Bring your watercolour painting supplies so we can make some art together or simply observe and complete the art activity after the workshop


The Ultimate Top 3 Art Supply Recommendations

for optimal results first time around without breaking the bank or spending hours trawling the shelves at your art supply store


Real-Life Examples of Successful Time Hacks for Busy Artists Like You

that you can easily apply to your own life to make room to do what you love and need the most (and YES, I called you an artist!)


Watercolour Painting is No Walk in the Park

Whether you're stuck in the daily grind and are itching to paint or you have never painted before... this is the turning point that you have been waiting for.

Watercolour painting is not as simple as it seems and there's nothing but breakthroughs ahead for creative souls like you who are prepared to prioritise their own needs, fill their art well and not only allow artmaking back into their lives but embrace it as one of their basic needs.

Join me to finally discover what it takes to create beautiful watercolour artworks that send your wellbeing skyrocketing!

This Workshop is a Must Attend if...

  • You're brand new to watercolour painting and want the top tips from an experienced artist and art educator so you can get it right the first time
  • You have tried a bit of watercolour painting in the past and want to refresh your knowledge and skills so that you can get back into painting on the regular
  • You are a professional artist who loves to learn. You have limited experience in watercolour painting and you want to understand this new medium

A Personal Invitation from Ros...

I've been making art since the day I could walk and encouraging others since the day I could talk.

Countless artworks, numerous tutorials and more than a hundred students later, I've discovered the exact ingredients for an enriching and abundant art practice that results in beautiful heartfelt artwork.

This new and improved workshop is a culmination of everything I learned when getting started with watercolour painting. And I still use these tricks to this day!

If you're committed to making this the year you finally create watercolour art (that you're proud of!), I can't wait to make your learning journey easier and to help you get there faster.

See you there,