Join the #20to1ArtChallenge today!

When you join the #20to1ArtChallenge, you say yes not only to art. You say yes to YOU. If you want to make art - no matter if you haven't picked up a brush since high school or if you're an experienced artist who is searching for the perfect creative community - the #20to1ArtChallenge is for you. In only 20 minutes a day for 5 days, let's:

Gain Fresh Art Inspiration

✨ Finally Carve Out Time For Art

✨ Overcome Limiting Beliefs

✨ Connect With Like-Minded Women

The #20to1ArtChallenge is a live event and runs from 1st - 9th June. By the end of the challenge you will have 5 new creations, an improved mindset and a strong foundation for your creative journey.

Join now. It's free. It's fun. It suits all mediums. And it kicks off super soon!

When you share your details with me, I will register you for the next challenge and let you know the next steps 🎉 You will also be added to my general mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time. Ros x 

What You Get

8 Days of Support

Get access to the beautiful community of creatives that is the "Permission to Paint FREE Community" over on Facebook.

Throughout the challenge, participants support one another and offer encouragement. Constructive feedback is only provided when requested, so your inner critic is 100% safe!

Sign me up!

5 Art Prompts

Thoughtful and inspiring art prompts are provided during the #20to1ArtChallenge. They are designed specifically to encourage experimentation and PLAY so you can create with joy and make some new discoveries too.

The prompts can be interpreted as you please and are a powerful way to inject more creativity into your art!

Count me in

5 Mini Training Videos

Your time is precious and so is your mindset as a creative.

Through these five pre-recorded training videos, I will help you to discover, unpack and overcome the key barriers to art making - from perfectionism to your inner critic and the practical hurdles of making art as a modern day creative!

I want this!

3 Accountability Sessions

One of the biggest challenges I see in the journey of creatives is accountability. That's why the #20to1ArtChallenge includes 3 live accountability sessions within our beautiful Permission To Paint Community so you can progress smoothly through the challenge and make some wonderful connections at the same time.

During these sessions, you get live access to me (Ros!) so you can ask me your arty questions or simply use the time to create your challenge artworks.

Yes please : )


For the first time, #20to1ArtChallenge participants who actively participate in the challenge go into the draw for a prize pool worth more than $350 AUD!

By sharing all 5 of your challenge artworks and joining us in the live post-challenge celebration event, you will not only get a chance to win one of the prizes BUT you make the most out of this challenge personally AND inspire others to carve out that precious time for art too.

Where do I sign?

Hi lovely,

I'm Ros Gervay. An expressionist painter from Sydney, Australia. I spent most of my life disconnected from myself with limited self worth and a commitment to blending in. But then I rediscovered painting and my world changed. For the better.

I reconnected with myself. I found value in my voice. And I never looked back.

By allowing creativity into my life, my confidence and self worth and sense of purpose were finally uncovered. Art can do this for you too.

I can't wait to welcome you during the #20to1ArtChallenge!

Ros x

What People Are Saying

Hannah C

"The challenge has inspired me to get back into painting and not stress about perfection!"

Narelle B

"The challenge has been great at getting me to paint more. Thank you for creating the challenge. It's so good to give ourselves permission to create even though we’re not all artists!"


"Practicing daily opened my mind to more opportunities with my art and more ideas."

Kath M

"Thank you so much Ros. It’s been a huge growth week here - creatively and personally. Your generosity and enthusiasm is wonderful."

Catherine M

"Thank you so much for all your support this week Ros, you really have a knack for verbalising exactly how I feel and all the struggles artists face. It has been so lovely being part of this community."

Sarah W

"I was so scared to call myself an artist - but it is a good feeling to claim that."

Flic M

"Art is not a risk - love it!."